Toyota Discovers Air-Purifying Shrub 

Toyota Discovers Air-Purifying Shrub

Jalopnik reports: Toyota Brings Us a Shrubbery, Cleans the Air.

In case you’re thinking that Toyota is currently into gardening – well, yeah. Sort of.

Jalopnik goes on to say:

If only King Arthur had been driving a Highlander Hybrid, the quest for the Holy Grail mightn’tve ended so badly. And if the Knights Who Say Nii! could gaze upon the pure horticultural-industrial might of Toyota, they’d likely run away screaming.

You could say that again.

According to The Japan Times, the auto manufacturing giant, Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a new species of shrub that absorbs harmful substances in the air. The shrub, called the Kirsch Pink, is related to the Cherry Sage (something we do not know about either until now), which absorbs nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and other air pollutants. This new shrub however, is 1.3 times more effective, Toyota said. In addition to its air-purifying powers, the plant also bears pink flowers between May and November (they beautify), also diminishes the urban heat-island effect 1.3 times more than the Cherry Sage (and cool). The Japanese think seem to have solutions for everything, don’t they?

So, can we expect a similar discovery here in this part of the planet?

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