In the News: Software glitch stalls Toyota Prius 

In the News: Software glitch stalls Toyota Prius

[link=http:/]Toyota[/link] has notified over 75,000 owners of the popular hybrid vehicle Toyota Prius to come in and have their car's software 'upgraded'. Apparently a software glitch in the 2004 and 2005 Priuses cause the gasoline engine to stall when the car is being driven at high speeds. Warning lights come on without cause as well. There have been 68 incidents of warning lights coming on without cause and engines halting reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Although this is not officially a recall, Toyota has been advised by the NHTSA to notify Prius owners immediately. Drivers are asked to bring in their cars and have mechanics inspect and reprogram the electronic control module if necessary. In addition, mechanics may need to apply dielectric grease to a connector on the transaxle to keep water from getting inside as this can cause problems related to the software glitch.

With the advent of new technologies in the automotive world, new problems and setbacks are also introduced. In the past, stalling was commonly caused by a bad tire, vapor locks, worn clutches and other mechanical failure. Today, with the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles, drivers are discovering a new generation of problems. Some mechanical parts such as emergency brakes have been replaced with fully-automated electronic equipments in many models.

Nevertheless, preventive maintenance and repairs are still the best way to keep our cars in good condition. Replacing worn out and damaged parts regularly is necessary. Fortunately, finding excellent replacement Toyota parts is not as costly and difficult like in the past. High quality aftermarket Toyota parts including body parts, radiators, bumpers, condensers, [linkf=]windshields[/link], spoilers, exhausts, trunk lids and other essential auto parts can now be easily accessed at the leading online supplier of Toyota parts Toyota Parts Online.

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