Your Car Needs 

Your Car Needs

As revealed by the inspection done by the [b]Car Care Council[/b] last October, 90 percent of vehicles show that motorists or auto users need some more consumer education on proper use and maintenance of vehicles. The motoring pubic still needs to be more aware and more sensitive of the maintenance needs of their vehicles.

The inspections showed that:
1. 80% of the vehicles had low, overfull or unclean motor oil.
2. 46% of the vehicles needed washer fluid.
3. 25 % had low and unclean power steering fluid.
4. 22% had either low, overfull or burnt transmission fluid.
5. 10% had low brake fluid.
6. 15% had low coolant levels
7. 13% required coolant flush to protect the cooling system from rust and mineral deposits.
8. 21% had front wiper failures
9. 14% needed service on the rear wiper/ washer.
10. 16% needed new air filters.
11. 19% needed proper maintenance of the battery cables, clamps and terminals, 5% of them had batteries not properly held down.
12. 10% had low battery fluid
13. 54% had improperly inflated tires
14. 14% had worn out tires and wheels that needed to be replaced
15. 8% needed to repair/ replace turn signal lights while 6% had to repair/ replace brake lights
16. 5% had poor side lighting system while only 1% had problems with the headlights, parking lights, taillights, backup lights and license plate lights

Donít be one of those inspected with car problems. Make it a habit to regularly check your car for any problems. Should you need replacement, donít think twice about getting that auto parts that you need. Donít wait for the problem to get worse. If you have a Toyota, you can go to Toyota Parts Online. If you need to replace your Toyota AC Condenser, Toyota Alternators, Toyota Taillights, Toyota Wheels, Toyota Window Regulator and other [/link=]Toyota parts[/link], this store provides only the top quality auto parts your car needs.

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