Mirror, mirror 

Mirror, mirror

Mirrors are important safety features of our Toyota vehicles. Mirros serve as a our second pair of eyes by giving a good view, with a slight glance of the eye, of what is happening behind our Toyota Camry or Toyota Highlander without having us take our eyes off the road. Mirrors ensure that whatever is beyond the normal periphery of our vision is made visible. Thus, we can react appropriately to whatever is happening behind us and avoid any accidents.

With the way modern cars are made today, some drivers may easily assume that mirrors can and will adjust themselves to whatever driving he makes. Even power mirrors on most cars on most of today's vehicles can sometimes be delicate devices that don't respond in the manner they are intended to. Factors like winter weather conditions and wear and tear also can play havoc with these mechanisms - the reason why drivers should not completely rely on these things to keep him and his passengers safe while on the road.

Adjusting all three of your Toyota’s vehicle’s mirrors so that you get the widest view possible while keeping your blind spots to a minimum before you leave your driveway is a wise move to safety. Many drivers make the mistake of turning their outside mirrors out far enough and simply duplicate the same scene in all their three mirrors. The rule of thumb is if you can see even a glimpse of the sides of your car in your outside mirrors they are turned too far inwards. Some quick tips: For the driver's side mirror: Place the side of your head against the window, then adjust the mirror until the side of your vehicle comes into view. For the passenger's side mirror: While sitting in the driver's seat, lean to the right so that your head is in the car's centerline. Adjust the mirror until the side of your vehicle comes into view.

If all three of your Toyota’s mirrors are properly aligned you should be able to see a vehicle leaving your rearview mirror seamlessly transfer to one of your side view mirrors without any delay. Diligent use of all three of your rearview mirrors should prevent you from getting in another driver's way or cutting them off. A good guideline for deciding when to move into the passing lane or back into the traveling lane is to make sure that you can see the headlights of the vehicle you're passing in the rearview mirror.

Remember to check from time to time your Toyota's mirror for cracks, proper operation, and that your vehicle’s mirrors are in their proper location. Making sure that they are in optimum form is one way of guaranteeing your safety while driving, parking or backing up your vehicle. For the best replacement Toyota mirrors, just visit your favorite Toyota Parts Online and choose from their premium quality Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius or Toyota Tundra mirrors. In the end however, it would still be up to you, the driver to be aware of his or her surroundings in order to insure a safe trip for everyone.

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