Thief, Get your Hands off my Toyota! 

Thief, Get your Hands off my Toyota!

I was surprised the other day when my friend called in to tell me that her Toyota Camry was stolen. She was in a hurry to drop something off her office that she forgot to lock the door of her car. And when she came back, her car was nowhere to be seen. Weíre both Toyota nuts so we decided to have a small line-up of Toyota cars in our garage. The first car she brought was the Camry while mine was a Toyota Corolla. Toyota cars are easy to maintain although we occasionally drop by at Toyota Parts Online for some replacement and add-on parts for modifications and restyles. Anyway thereís no use crying over spilled milk so I just asked her to be careful the next time she leaves her car.

Toyota cars are among the most sought after in the market plus the auto parts and accessories can be separately sold in high prices so they will likely be included in the list of the most stolen cars. Here are some precautions that you should bear in mind to prevent your car from being stolen

First and foremost, never leave your keys in the ignition even if youíll only be gone for a few minutes. Make sure that you lock your car before you leave. The person who stole my friendís car could possibly just have hopped into the driverís seat, did a little manipulation and off he went right into his own garage with the car thatís definitely not his own. Take your valuables with you or lock them in your car out of view of thieves just lurking or looking around for possible targets. It may encourage them to break in thinking they could hit two birds with one stone, your car and your valuables.

You may think itís safe to trust your carís keys to a valet or a parking attendant but they could have it duplicated and use it to break into your car so better think first before giving your keys to just anyone. Avoid parking in dim areas since it can be a haven for thieves that can break and enter your car unnoticed.

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