Why it is Important to Change Wiper Blades? 

Why it is Important to Change Wiper Blades?

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are used to clean the windshield from rain, dust, insects and other particles that causes windshields to become blurry. Wiper blades help provide a clear view of the road when driving, especially during at night.

Changing your wiper blades is not a difficult task. It only takes a couple of minutes and following some simple instructions on the box of your wipers and voila! You have successfully attached your wiper blades.

But before you begin here are two important things for you to remember:

1. Use your ignition key to make your wiper blade more accessible and by stopping it in the most convenient location. Refrain from using the wiper on-off switch since it will only cause the wiper to stop in its parked position.
2. Use rubber squeegees instead of purchasing the entire blade and holder. You will be surprise on how easy it is to install rubber squeegees and to restore wiping action as long as the rest of the components are working fine. Plus, compared to commercial blade and holder rubber squeegees last for six to twelve months. Thatís more than any commercial wiper blade can offer.

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