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Toyota Hybrids, Take The Lead.


That’s the scope that Toyota hybrids hold in the US auto market.

toyota hybrid

And now, the company is planning on keeping their same strategy. And this, I personally think is a good decision. After all, their vehicles would not be this successful if their marketing strategy was lame. Coupled up with good parts at Toyota Parts Online, there’s no knowing just how much popularity and how much share these Toyota hybrids would still claim as their own.

Good going, Toyota!

The company is also researching more on other kinds of hybrids. They are now into fuel-cell vehicles. I’d like to see them create an electric car. No need for gas. Just a little recharging. Now that would be really something.

Bring Out The Sports Cars


The Toyota Motor Corporation is set out on reviving and revving up their line up of exceptional sports cars. For those who do not know it yet, Toyota has been one of the greatest producers of sports cars and they certainly have proved that their line of such cars is one of the best.

Of course, Toyota cannot simply just decide to bring up their sports cars in just a snap of a finger. They do have to plan it out first and decide on what features these would hold. I guess, this also gives auto parts stores like Toyota Parts Online to have time to find a way to create Toyota parts for new vehicles.

Toyota is out on creating a new model which they are claiming to be aimed at no particular market. They want something that is global and not oriented only at one region or country.

Good luck, Toyota!

Toyota Is Out To Save The Environment

Well, not exactly out to plant more trees or do ‘Save the Whales’ campaigns.

On their end, their share would be done by further strengthening technologies that are environmentally friendly. They also are aiming at producing more environmentally friendly vehicles and cars. Their plans include:

1. Improving fuel efficiency to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which are considered one of the major causes of global warming.
2. Making exhaust emissions cleaner
3. Pursuing energy diversification so as to be able to limit the use of fossil fuels like petroleum

If this is Toyota’s share of helping save the environment from further destructions, as vehicle owners, we too can help out. By continuously maintaining our vehicles with good Toyota 4Runner parts from Toyota Parts Online, our cars work well and reduce less CO2. Simple things like this may not look much but cumulative efforts do make a grand change.

Fuel Prices Lead To Change In Customers’ Choices


Because of the great increase in gas prices, customers have certainly been on the search for ways to keep expenses for this commodity down. In fact, this has helped get a great increase in search volume for subcompact cars. This has been most specially true for the Toyota Yaris. The Yaris is a subcompact car and is very efficient when it comes to fuel mileage.

According to Joe Wiesenfelder who is the senior editor of, “The combination of a low base price and extremely good gas mileage have translated into very good sales for cars like the Yaris. If gas prices continue to remain at these levels throughout the summer, sales of these cars and other sin this category should remain strong.”

Car owners could also save more on car parts if they choose to purchase them from Toyota Parts Online. The parts are made from quality materials yet they are priced at wholesale deals. In fact, this store has become one of the most popular and trusted sources of Toyota parts.

Toyota Out For Cleaner And Leaner Machines

Toyota is on the move towards providing the world with clean, lean, and green machines. And their selections as per their automobiles continues to rise. One of the most popular and most known evidence of this move is the Toyota Prius which is a gas-electric hybrid. Another one is the Highland Hybrid. These vehicles are industry-leading as per fuel economy as well as low emission.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency as of 2005, their Fuel Economy Guide has told consumers and audiences that Toyota and Scion cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossover utility vehicles and minivans have ranked in the top ten of more EPA vehicle categories than any other auto manufacturer. Also, Toyota has exceeded the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards.

This simply goes to show that Toyota is hearing what the market is telling them as well as making moves so as to help protect the environment. As owners, we also can assist in our own ways. Did you know that by keeping your vehicle in good condition also helps out protect the environment? You see, with Toyota Parts Online, you can purchase here many Toyota parts that would keep your vehicle working well and helping out the environment too.

Slow Down Or Speed Up?

Sure enough, you have encountered lots of slow moving vehicles. Still unsure of what you should do?

You should first be on the lookout for such vehicles. And you should have the presence of mind to adjust your speed accordingly. You should also be very much aware of big rigs as well as small and old-fashioned vehicles. These types of vehicles would even move slower on inclines.

Always make sure that you know the speed limit. That way, you can make sure that you would still be driving safely and free from tickets. If you want to, you can always try to pass or overtake these guys, but make sure that you would not be endangering yourself or other vehicles while you do such a thing.

On the other hand, maybe it is your vehicle that is running too slow. You see, as time goes by, your vehicle could slow down because of the wear and damage that it might have suffered. To maintain the optimum performance of your Toyota, you can always refer to Toyota Parts Online for replacement parts.

Excited To Meet The FJ


The FJ Cruiser would soon be starting its production this 2007. And it would be an exciting one. After all, even if it has not been produced yet, it has already been counted as Consumer Guide’s hottest vehicles.

The 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser is also commonly known as the FJ or the FJ-C. It is a compact sport utility vehicle with four doors. It will be built on the Toyota Hi-Lux platform, making it related to the Toyota Hi-Lux, the 4Runner, and the Land Cruiser. Its engine would be a 1GR-FE 4.0 liter V6 engine. For parts, you can check out Toyota Parts Online.

This vehicle is one thing that the automobile world would have to watch out for. I’m pretty sure that its competition which comprises of the Nissan Xterra, Honda Element, Dodge Nitro, Ford Escape, and Jeep Wrangler are getting themselves ready for the arrival of this new one.

Toyota Concepts

Toyota has its own fair share of concept vehicles. After all, concept vehicles serve as avenues for creating newer and better vehicles. They become outlets of creativity and of showing off the kind of things that could become possible for the automobile world. In fact, as Toyota keeps on creating concept vehicles, they also gain the capacity to create better and more quality-made vehicles. In part, Toyota Parts Online also creates durable and quality Toyota parts to keep up with this.

Anyway, here is the current line up for Toyota concept vehicles. Who knows? Maybe one day soon enough, these vehicles would make it to the production stage.

* Alessandro Volta – a hybrid vehicle created by Italdesign
* Crown Concept – has innovative styling
* CS&S – a hybrid vehicle
* FINE-N – a vehicle that holds a revolutionized design and style
* FINE-S – a hydrogen-powered vehicle
* FTX – provides functionality
* FT-SX – exudes versatility, luxury, and sportiness
* NLSV – another functional vehicle
* PM – a personal mobility vehicle

$5, 000 Cut Off from Toyota Camry Hybrid Price

Prices do matter a lot especially in buying a new car. As much as possible we want to stuff affordability, quality and efficiency in our standards but could it really be possible? Of course it is, especially with the new 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid around and this time it is $5,000 cheaper than the equally impressive Honda Accord Hybrid. Toyota Motors and Honda Motors Corporation spearheaded the advance hybrid technology in the US and they want to give opportunities to every consumer to save and cut off their skyrocketing fuel expenses by reducing Hybrid car system cost. Thus hybrid prices are also reduced and made more and more affordable.

Under the hood of the Camry hybrid is a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with electric motor system and a capacity to give off 187 horsepower. Be on the lookout this May for their final sale with a price of $25, 900. Aside from the hybrid version, you can also check out the 2007 Toyota Camry gasoline version which is considered as the company’s most successful make in the US market.

After browsing the net or visiting the local auto store and display centers for these models, take time to drop by at Toyota Parts Online for excellent quality Toyota parts and accessories. You don’t want to endanger your Toyota because of inauthentic low quality replacements and add-ons right? So better be careful in choosing a store that you will trust.

Thief, Get your Hands off my Toyota!

I was surprised the other day when my friend called in to tell me that her Toyota Camry was stolen. She was in a hurry to drop something off her office that she forgot to lock the door of her car. And when she came back, her car was nowhere to be seen. We’re both Toyota nuts so we decided to have a small line-up of Toyota cars in our garage. The first car she brought was the Camry while mine was a Toyota Corolla. Toyota cars are easy to maintain although we occasionally drop by at Toyota Parts Online for some replacement and add-on parts for modifications and restyles. Anyway there’s no use crying over spilled milk so I just asked her to be careful the next time she leaves her car.

Toyota cars are among the most sought after in the market plus the auto parts and accessories can be separately sold in high prices so they will likely be included in the list of the most stolen cars. Here are some precautions that you should bear in mind to prevent your car from being stolen

First and foremost, never leave your keys in the ignition even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Make sure that you lock your car before you leave. The person who stole my friend’s car could possibly just have hopped into the driver’s seat, did a little manipulation and off he went right into his own garage with the car that’s definitely not his own. Take your valuables with you or lock them in your car out of view of thieves just lurking or looking around for possible targets. It may encourage them to break in thinking they could hit two birds with one stone, your car and your valuables.

You may think it’s safe to trust your car’s keys to a valet or a parking attendant but they could have it duplicated and use it to break into your car so better think first before giving your keys to just anyone. Avoid parking in dim areas since it can be a haven for thieves that can break and enter your car unnoticed.

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