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TOYOTA Sales Decline

Well you can’t be on top all the time.

Toyota was one among those who took the hit as Asian stocks fell in U.S. trading while bigger-than-expected decline in U.S. new-home sales fanned concerns about slowing growth in the world's biggest economy. Toyota Motors Corp. which passed Ford Motor Corp. becoming the No. 2 automaker in the U.S., led the drop falling $1.90 to $108.31.

Meanwhile quality auto parts like spoilers, fenders and wheels can be found at Toyota Parts Online.

Toyota 2007 Prius Touring Edition’s future release

2007 Prius Touring Edition

Toyota will release the jazzed-up hybrid 2007 Prius Touring Edition. The low-key version sedan will mostly likely cost $23,650, and $580 as the shipping charge. The hybrid Prius will be available at the end of this month.

New European-tuned suspension and 16-inch alloy wheels equips the Touring Edition. Plus, the new wheels, a larger rear spoiler, integrated fog lamps and high-intensity discharge headlamps. Also, an estimated 60 mpg in city driving and 51 mpg on the highway, plus a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine and an electric drive motor that produces 110 combined horsepower are installed.

Toughening up the Tundra

new toyota tundra

Toyota is well aware that the release of its all new Tundra is perhaps the automaker’s most important launches. Toyota is currently developing the all new full size Tundra and is making sure that it can compete adequately in the ultra-tough truck market.

This in the midst of the latest NHTSA investigation into the company’s Tundra that affects nearly 220,000 of the trucks and follows on a recall last year of 775,000 Tundras for a problem with its suspension ball joints.

Toyota on Motorsports

Toyota Camry for NASCAR 2007

Are you updated with Motorsports lately? Toyota is taking a new prominence in this competitive era. For a long time Toyota has been perceived as bland and unexciting – that’s about to change though, as the Japanese automaker try these new approaches as reported by

• The Tundra has been a familiar sight in the Craftsman series for several years now
• Even the Midget racing series has Toyota focus
• An upcoming Camry is in the works for NASCAR for 2007
• Formula Atlantic became the Toyota racing series for several years
• Drag Racing was taken to a new level with the involvement of Toyota
• Number of success made by Toyota in the off road sector as well.

• Rolex Series Competition for numbers of years
• ALMS GT class vehicle that will debut this year

Toyota Toughens Truck Production

2007 Toyota Tundra

The Detroit News reports that Toyota officials are making a big effort to ensure that the new full-size Tundra is built to last.

According to Toyota production general manager Norman Bafunno, the release of the Tundra has been the most important launch in Toyota’s history in North America. Workers are being carefully and exhaustively trained to make sure that the job is done right.

Huge efforts are being made by Toyota to crack the ultra-tough truck market, traditionally dominated by Detroit automakers Ford and GM. Toyota is not about to rush things with the Tundra. The Japanese automaker is making sure that it’s going to be done right.

Toyota Continues to Rise

Toyota Continue to Rise

Toyota is known for being consistent in making excellent but affordable cars. And when it comes to reliability, you can count on it that the Japanese automaker comes first in line.

Just recently, the Insurance Institute Highway Safety gave two of Toyota’s popular vehicles - the 2007 Toyota Camry and the 2006 RAV4 high marks in front and side crash tests.

And while the big three automakers – General Motors, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler struggle, Toyota just posted a 39-percent rise in quarterly net profits.

Already the Japanese automaker is the world's most profitable car maker and is on track for a record year.

Toyota Rising Fast

Toyota Camry

July must be a sad time in Detroit, as they watch in dismay while giant Japanese automaker Toyota overtakes them in U.S. sales.

For the first time, combined sales of the three Toyota brands, including Lexus and Scion, surpassed those of the Ford group as Toyota climbed into second place for the month, behind market leader General Motors, while Honda, another Japanese automaker making it big - moved ahead of the Chrysler Group.

Figures compiled by Automotive News show that GM sales has dropped 22.5 percent in July, Ford’s was down 34.3 percent and Chrysler’s was off 37.4 percent. Toyota and Honda meanwhile, both set records with popularity of models like the Camry, Prius and Accord.

Toyota Plug-Ins

toyota plug in vehicles

Nope. This is not about another set of Toyota creations. I’m talking about Toyota vehicles here. And yes, the head honchos of Toyota USA says that soon enough, you can find Toyota cars that could simply be plugged in and viola! Instant charging and instant power.

President of Toyota, Jim Press, clearly informs the public, “We are pursuing a plug in hybrid vehicle that can travel greater distances without using its gas engine, conserving more oil and slicing smog and greenhouse gases to nearly imperceptible levels.”

Wow! Looks like the documentary ‘Who Killed The Electric Car?’ has made a sure enough effect on auto makers. Just hope that this new plug-in Toyota would not be just a concept vehicle.

Make it a production car please!

Toyota Moves Towards The Top

The Toyota brand is sure going strong right now.

Just recently, the Harris Poll released the results of a survey that it conducted. And this survey is the ‘Best Brands’ poll that is done annually by the group. Of course, Sony placed first but keep in mind that Toyota took a good share by placing fourth. The other top slots were taken by Dell who took second place and Coca Cola who got the third slot.

The survey was done by Harris Poll and there were some 2,351 adults from the US who became respondents. There were no brand names given to the respondents. The answers came directly from the mouths of those who participated.

They answered a simple question:
“We would like you to think about brands or names of products and services you know. Considering everything, which three brands do you consider the best?"

Toyota Vehicles Dominate Most Researched Vehicles

According to the list released by Kelley Blue Book, there are seven Toyota vehicles included in the most researched vehicles for 2006’s first half. This is as per the information that the website has collected starting the first month of this year. Kelley Blue Book is the most trusted source of information for new and used vehicles and cars, just like Toyota Parts Online is the trusted source for Toyota parts.

The Toyota vehicles included in the list are:

• Toyota Camry – placed 3rd
• Toyota Corolla – placed 4th
• Toyota RAV4 – placed 5th
• Toyota Highlander – placed 8th
• Toyota Sienna – placed 15th
• Toyota 4Runner – placed 16th
• Toyota Avalon – placed 19th

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