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Toyota Makes Cars for the Disabled and Elderly

From being environment-friendly, [b]Toyota[/b] goes handicap-friendly.

Last December 3, 2005, Toyota showed to the public its production line for the [b]Aichi Prefecture[/b].

The concept of producing this car emanated from Toyota’s idea to make affordable and low-cost cars. Instead of producing less equipped vehicles to cut production costs, Toyota designed it for the old ones and the disabled so that the cars won’t appear spartan or so plain.

Despite the compact size, the Toyota Ractis offers great interior space for four occupants, including the driver and the passengers. It rides pretty well, both in the city and the highway. Everything inside is designed for convenience and for great comfort, giving you a seamlessly worry-free ride.

With the sporty and modern styling of this compact, you can’t tell it’s aimed for the elderly and is priced so low. The front end of the car features a contoured triangular Toyota hood and front Toyota grille merged into the wide Toyota bumper. A confident and stable ride is manifested by Toyota Ractis’ long wheel bases, wide track 16-inch Toyota wheels and extended wheel arches.

Powering the Ractis is a 1.3-liter or 1.5-liter engine with VVT-i (Variable Value Timing-intelligent), which boasts to be fuel efficient and high-performing. With the available Super CVT-i (Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent), fuel economy and efficiency is enhanced at the same time, a smooth ride is guaranteed.

Models designed for disabled and elderly are called the Welcab. This car has broad range of applications and features numerous specifications that make the most of the base car's features. With its performance, excellent functionality and styling, [b]Toyota Ractics Welcab[/b] is indeed one of Toyota’s notable vehicles.

However, these cars are only available in the Japanese market. So for those of you who are eying on this car, keep your fingers crossed for now. Let’s hope Toyota would soon market this remarkable compact in the US.

For the meantime, you might want to improve your Toyota car’s styling, performance and comfort features. Toyota Parts Online is offering great discounts on all Toyota parts for top-notch Toyota vehicles such as the Toyota 4Runner parts, Toyota Corolla parts, Toyota Camry parts and Toyota Highlander parts.

Your Car Needs

As revealed by the inspection done by the [b]Car Care Council[/b] last October, 90 percent of vehicles show that motorists or auto users need some more consumer education on proper use and maintenance of vehicles. The motoring pubic still needs to be more aware and more sensitive of the maintenance needs of their vehicles.

The inspections showed that:
1. 80% of the vehicles had low, overfull or unclean motor oil.
2. 46% of the vehicles needed washer fluid.
3. 25 % had low and unclean power steering fluid.
4. 22% had either low, overfull or burnt transmission fluid.
5. 10% had low brake fluid.
6. 15% had low coolant levels
7. 13% required coolant flush to protect the cooling system from rust and mineral deposits.
8. 21% had front wiper failures
9. 14% needed service on the rear wiper/ washer.
10. 16% needed new air filters.
11. 19% needed proper maintenance of the battery cables, clamps and terminals, 5% of them had batteries not properly held down.
12. 10% had low battery fluid
13. 54% had improperly inflated tires
14. 14% had worn out tires and wheels that needed to be replaced
15. 8% needed to repair/ replace turn signal lights while 6% had to repair/ replace brake lights
16. 5% had poor side lighting system while only 1% had problems with the headlights, parking lights, taillights, backup lights and license plate lights

Don’t be one of those inspected with car problems. Make it a habit to regularly check your car for any problems. Should you need replacement, don’t think twice about getting that auto parts that you need. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. If you have a Toyota, you can go to Toyota Parts Online. If you need to replace your Toyota AC Condenser, Toyota Alternators, Toyota Taillights, Toyota Wheels, Toyota Window Regulator and other [/link=]Toyota parts[/link], this store provides only the top quality auto parts your car needs.

Wet Spots?

Lately you’ve been seeing wet spots underneath your vehicle. How do you know if the puddle of strange-looking fluid under your Chevrolet Camaro or your Honda Element may give you some serious trouble down the road?

By just taking note of the fluid’s color and consistency you may be able to identify what the cause of the problem is. Here’s a quick check list:

- Yellowish green, pastel blue or florescent orange colors indicate an overheated engine or an antifreeze leak caused by a bad hose, water pump or leaking radiator.

- Dark brown or black oily fluid means the engine is leaking oil. The leak could be caused by a bad seal or gasket.

- A red oily spot indicates a transmission or power-steering fluid leak.

- A puddle of clear water is usually no problem. It may be normal condensation from your vehicle air conditioner.

Should you need to replace your vehicle’s radiator or engine parts, visit reliable online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Deal where you can also find premium quality Toyota A/C condensers, Volvo catalytic converters, BMW wheels, and more.

Soon: A Born In the U.S.A. Scion?

If nothing gets in the way, we will soon see a Scion born here as giant automaker, Toyota is considering building the hit Scion vehicles in the U.S.

Inside Line reports that the Japanese newspaper, The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported Toyota could use spare capacity at Subaru's underused Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) plant in Indiana to build the Scion, the super-successful Toyota youth brand that sold 100,000 units in 2004.


Toyota’s Scion, which is a compact that comes in stealth-looking xA and unique xB models, plus a tC coupe is yet another hip, hot car in the Japanese automaker’s stable of bestselling cars – hitting a bulls-eye in the youth-oriented market where other recent examples have missed the mark. Since its introduction in 2003, the Scion brand has become so popular, simply exploding into a sub-culture of sorts. The young, hip and trendy instantly got drawn to the Scion’s customization potential – the Scion can be personalized to the nth degree with such things as color-keyed pedals, radio covers and shift knobs. The boxy xB is unexpectedly loveable, with its distinct personality and yes, who wouldn’t like a ride that can come with dynamite Pioneer sound system that includes a 10-color change illumination satellite tuner and auxiliary antenna, along with a subwoofer?

Aside from its great looks, the Scion is a performer too. Both models come equipped with extensive standard equipment lists including air and full power, up-level audio equipment, anti-lock brakes and other items. Both are peppy, fun cars to drive, with good handling to boot.

And did we forget to mention that the Scion is inexpensive too? Prices begin at just over $12,400. Mileage ratings for the xB automatic are 30/34, and 32/38 on the xA. Power for both comes from a 1.5-liter, 108-horsepower, four-cylinder engine.

As more and more hip and trendy vehicles like the Scion are introduced to the market, trusted online auto parts stores such as Toyota Parts Online will continue to provide premium quality Toyota auto parts such as Toyota A/C condenser, Toyota taillights, Toyota starters, Toyota grille, Toyota spoilers and more to satisfy the Toyota car lover’s needs.

In the News: Software glitch stalls Toyota Prius

[link=http:/]Toyota[/link] has notified over 75,000 owners of the popular hybrid vehicle Toyota Prius to come in and have their car's software 'upgraded'. Apparently a software glitch in the 2004 and 2005 Priuses cause the gasoline engine to stall when the car is being driven at high speeds. Warning lights come on without cause as well. There have been 68 incidents of warning lights coming on without cause and engines halting reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Although this is not officially a recall, Toyota has been advised by the NHTSA to notify Prius owners immediately. Drivers are asked to bring in their cars and have mechanics inspect and reprogram the electronic control module if necessary. In addition, mechanics may need to apply dielectric grease to a connector on the transaxle to keep water from getting inside as this can cause problems related to the software glitch.

With the advent of new technologies in the automotive world, new problems and setbacks are also introduced. In the past, stalling was commonly caused by a bad tire, vapor locks, worn clutches and other mechanical failure. Today, with the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles, drivers are discovering a new generation of problems. Some mechanical parts such as emergency brakes have been replaced with fully-automated electronic equipments in many models.

Nevertheless, preventive maintenance and repairs are still the best way to keep our cars in good condition. Replacing worn out and damaged parts regularly is necessary. Fortunately, finding excellent replacement Toyota parts is not as costly and difficult like in the past. High quality aftermarket Toyota parts including body parts, radiators, bumpers, condensers, [linkf=]windshields[/link], spoilers, exhausts, trunk lids and other essential auto parts can now be easily accessed at the leading online supplier of Toyota parts – Toyota Parts Online.

Toyota Discovers Air-Purifying Shrub

Jalopnik reports: Toyota Brings Us a Shrubbery, Cleans the Air.

In case you’re thinking that Toyota is currently into gardening – well, yeah. Sort of.

Jalopnik goes on to say:

If only King Arthur had been driving a Highlander Hybrid, the quest for the Holy Grail mightn’tve ended so badly. And if the Knights Who Say Nii! could gaze upon the pure horticultural-industrial might of Toyota, they’d likely run away screaming.

You could say that again.

According to The Japan Times, the auto manufacturing giant, Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a new species of shrub that absorbs harmful substances in the air. The shrub, called the Kirsch Pink, is related to the Cherry Sage (something we do not know about either until now), which absorbs nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and other air pollutants. This new shrub however, is 1.3 times more effective, Toyota said. In addition to its air-purifying powers, the plant also bears pink flowers between May and November (they beautify), also diminishes the urban heat-island effect 1.3 times more than the Cherry Sage (and cool). The Japanese think seem to have solutions for everything, don’t they?

So, can we expect a similar discovery here in this part of the planet?

Well – maybe we should just stick to maintaining our new favorite toys, hybrids like the Toyota Prius, to get our fix of guilt-free driving. If you don’t have a hybrid car, don’t worry, you can also reduce your vehicle’s emission by keeping your car well-maintained. Pay special attention to your car’s exhaust system, and replace parts like worn AC condenser, for instance, that need replacing. Finding quality auto parts won’t be hard with trusted Toyota auto parts online stores like Toyota Parts Online which offers quality Toyota auto parts at the most affordable prices. A well maintained Toyota car that does not spurt smog all over the place does it part in helping preserve the environment.

Toyota Launches New Compact

Here’s another new one from Toyota:

The new compact Ractis (supposedly an improved version of the Verso Yaris?), targeted at the Japanese domestic market, was unveiled in Tokyo by Toyota Motor Corp on Monday. The 4-seater Ractis features “high-speed, high-capacity styling,” and comes in FWD or 4WD versions, powered by 1.3- or 1.5-liter VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing - Intelligent) engines, operating through either an active CVT-i transmission (an intelligent CVT), or a seven-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic transmission with paddle shift controls.


The Ractis may be a compact car – but inside it is roomy (the biggest of its class), and that panoramic glass roof (available in the “Panorama Package”) is going to get you. That glass roof is the largest in its class. I personally would like to see that car in the streets here (and drive one myself too). Surely, auto parts for these kinds of vehicles wouldn’t be hard to come by with reliable online auto parts stores like Toyota Parts Online always updating their stocks of quality auto parts like Toyota radiators, Toyota A/C condensers, Toyota mirrors and other Toyota auto parts for our needs.

Most Ractis models will sell for less than $15,000, including Japanese market consumption tax. Built to very stringent fuel economy, safety and environmental regulations, could the Ractis be a preview of things to come in the car industry?

Why Toyota Corolla Cars Sell Like Hotcakes?

Toyota Corolla cars were made to realize Toyota's dream to make a reliable car that would cater to most auto users' needs. Indeed, it was a reliable car, which explains why it instantly became a top choice for many auto users. Since its launching in 1966, over 29 million units of Toyota Corolla have been produced by this biggest Japanese and the second largest car maker in the world. In 1997, it became the world's highest selling car and today it remains to be popular despite the growing competition in the market.

If you have an old Toyota Corolla, you can update its looks and performance with different kinds of replacement and aftermarket Toyota Corolla parts that abound in the market. Your alternatives range from upgrading your Toyota alternators to changing your Toyota taillights with stylish Toyota Euro Altezza lights, adding a Toyota spoiler, or making your Toyota wheels a bit larger for a more athletic look.

Finding replacement Toyota parts for a top-selling car such as the Toyota Corolla is never a problem nowadays; thus, making your old Toyota car a lot more fun to drive, sportier, more comfortable, safer and more capable is just as easy as locating those parts over the Internet. Find time to explore Toyota Parts Online. It's one of the coolest sites that offer the best replacement parts for Toyota.

Caring for Your Toyota's Battery

A car that won't start when you're already late for a very important meeting can really cause a lot of stress. If you've forgotten to turn your Toyota lights OFF overnight (for example, dome light) it may cause your Toyota's battery to discharge. A discharged or dead battery is one of the possible reasons for a car not to start. In this case when attempting to start a car, all you will probably hear will be clicking noise - there won't be enough power to turn your Toyota's starter. Here's a simple way to check if the battery is discharged: Turn the ignition on, with the engine off, switch the windshield wipers on. If they move way too slowly, much slower than usual, the battery is probably discharged.

If your Toyota battery is relatively new, it can be recharged. All you need to do is to boost your car and let the engine run for a while to charge the battery (you might want to call in late to your meeting first). However, if your Toyota's battery is more than three or four years old, you will probably need to buy a new one. Sometimes, an old battery may just die with no apparent reason, even if the day before it was working just fine. Like humans, its time is probably just up. Replacement toyota auto parts are not hard to find. Toyota parts like Toyota radiator, battery, fans, A/C Condenser can be easily checked through Toyota Parts Online's navigable website. The quality is guaranteed, as Toyota Parts Online is one of the most trusted online Toyota parts stores in the country.

Finding Replacement Toyota Parts Just Got Easier

Recently, I needed to replace my Toyota’s door handles. A couple of times my car’s door had refused to open or if not, ended up locking me out. So I immediately went searching for affordable but quality replacements for my car’s door handles.

It’s a good thing that finding affordable auto replacement parts no longer poses that much of a problem. Especially with the abundance of online auto parts stores in the internet all offering huge discounts on quality auto parts from any and every car make there is in the market. One such site that proves useful especially to all Toyota car owners is Toyota Parts Online – which offers a vast array of well chosen custom, import automobile, aftermarket body, truck engine, motor, automotive equipments, exterior, and auto accessories.

Navigating their website was a breeze, in no time I was able to find the perfect auto parts replacement for my door handles. Not only that, because of the huge discounts they offered I was also able to include new hub caps for my car. Thanks to dependable online stores like Toyota Parts Online, I can repair and jazz up my car without spending too much and at the quickest possible time.

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